Rusty Satellite Dish

I travelled to Bude today and removed an unsighlty rusty Satellite Sky dish and replaced with a new fibreglass one. This is a common problem when living near coastal areas due to the high salt content in the air.

Aerial in North Molton

What an awful day today, weather wise. I travelled to North Molton and installed an aerial for a lovely couple. All went well and it's so nice when they're happy to recieve all their channels again.

CCTV Now Availabe

We are very happy to announce that North Devon Aerials are providing CCTV installations for business and domestic premises - Please call for full details and quotations

Windy Day

Phone was quite busy today with dislodged aerials due to the high winds, most aerials can withstand winds up to 50mph. Sky dishes often get moved out of alignment too.

Turkish Satellite

Recently installed a satellite dish to a Turkish couple who to receive Turkish TV whilst living in Bude. Managed to get fantastic reception with a good selection of channels. Great idea for anyone learning a foreign language as most European channels can received. 

Satellite Dish in a tree!!

I do some strange jobs and today was no exception. I was working near Launceston today putting up a satelitte dish, the signal was very poor and the only place I could place the dish was right up a cedar tree.

Installing Sky Satellite on Grade 1 Listed Building in Bideford

I just installed a Sky Satellite dish today in Bideford onto a grade1 listed building. The owners didn't want a standard Sky installation as they were worried it would look out of place on this listed building. I love to be able to offer a service that is individual to each building or customer. Once the job was finished, it didn't look out of place at all.